Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Travelling Tangles - Collaboration with Kim Aarts

Scroll down for this week's challenge!  

I hope you're enjoying this Wednesday Series as i share my collaborations with tanglers from all over the world!  (you can find the rest of this series here)

The Travelling Tangles Project is a group on facebook created and organized by Stephanie Jennifer, in Singapore.  It's so much fun - you pair up with another tangler - you send them a tile or two to complete and then they do the same!  It's like the best kind of mail ever.  Artsy Pen Pals!! 

This week, i'm sharing with you the collaborative project with Kim Aarts from the Netherlands!  

Happy Mail!!
 She sent me two tiles to work on, and a surprise Artist Trading Card with a beautiful ZenGem to play with, all inside this gorgeous hand made card!! thank you so much Kim!!

BEFORE: I forgot to take a before picture of this tile
 So much fun, i really enjoyed how my betweed star or of swirled out into that organic type border.  It reminds me of a tangle that i can't remember right now... Debra Castaldi, you showed me how to do it at CanTangle! (Think, brain, think....)

AFTER: I loved that she used my tangle Versa in the bottom left corner, ;)

 The second tangle had this beautiful filigree type border on a renaissance tile... and the tan tiles are quite a challenge for me, so thank you Kim for pushing me!
BEFORE: The curly snail like tangle is called Kochlea and is one of Kim's own tangles.
you can find the step outs here

I was stumped when i started my after tile; but then i remembered working on renaissance tiles in Providence during CZT 15 - and Maria showed us how to do Marasu, so i started with that.  Then added some Diva Dance, Shattuck and Cubine.

Finally, the ATC with the gem! So pretty.  I looked at it for a long time before deciding to turn it into a medallion.

Whoops, i forgot to take a before photo before i started working on it...
the aura and two little lines are mine. 
After: I'd totally wear this...
Thanks for stopping by! tune in next wednesday to see what Kim did with the tiles i sent her!! Have a great week.



  1. It's so fun to see what you do with the starts! What a fun mail box you must have! Beautiful finishes all of them!

  2. What a gorgeous collaboration! All of these are so seamless, but that gem ATC completely knocked my socks off! Well done both of you;-)

  3. Oh these are yummy! The last one reminds me of a formal garden, with a pond. It is so peaceful to look at.

  4. Love what you've done for all of these! Don't think I have a favourite, except that I am also intimidated by Renaissance tiles and have one to work on from another tile exchange… you've encouraged me to just get to it!

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