Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Travelling Tangles - Marguerite Samama Part 2!

last week i posted about the Travelling Tangles project and my collaboration with Margeurite Samama - you can see the tiles she sent that i completed here

This week i'm sharing with you the tiles i collaborated on with Marguerite  that *I* Started and SHE completed.

They are so gorgeous - wait until you see!!

Here's my starter:
 Auraknot with some pearls
Here's what she did with it!
It's so beautiful!!
 and here's our second collaboration:

I made a stripe of echoism, and a stripe of Rick's Flux with aura
 And here's her stunning result:

I love the colours and the all the drama!!

Thanks again, Marguerite!! i had so much fun with you!


  1. Yesssss! So happy you like it. I had a wonderful time. Hope our tiles will inspire lots of people ❣

  2. What pretty colours, indeed. I really like the wobbly Auraknot.

  3. Such beautiful work. It's so exciting seeing what people do with your starts.

  4. These are so rich and elegant! Stunning!


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