Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Travelling Tangles - Sabrina Kirjavainen Part 2!

Last week i posted about the Travelling Tangles project and my collaboration with Sabrina Kirjavainen - you can see the tiles she sent that i completed here

This week i'm sharing with you the tiles i collaborated on with Sabrina  that *I* Started and SHE completed. 

Check it out!

Here's my before
 I couldn't resist following the outline of the colour splatter to form a tiny little elf.  Sabrina took in stride and added her own little furry friend for my little elf

Sabrina's After!
I really love the white printemps in the background of the tile... it's so light and airy.  So fun!! I love it!

My second Before
My second tile was a renaissance tile - i really liked this tile as is and hmmed and hawwed about sending it on, but boy am i ever glad i did because this was Sabrina's result!!

Sabrina's after
I love the organic feel to it, it reminds me of an underwater creature - some kind of ancient cephalopod.  She did a great job!!

Thank you Sabrina!! I love the result of both of these tiles!! 

Thanks for tuning in, have a great week!! 

- L-


  1. I love how organic that Huggins looks too! She did a great job with that "drawing behind".

  2. Both pieces have such a whimsical energy. I love them. Those elves are so cute and Crazy Huggins is always a delight. Well done you two;-)

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