Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Travelling Tangles - Carol Graham!

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I hope you're enjoying this Wednesday Series as i share my collaborations with tanglers from all over the world!  (you can find the rest of this series here)

The Travelling Tangles Project is a group on facebook created and organized by Stephanie Jennifer, in Singapore.  It's so much fun - you pair up with another tangler - you send them a tile or two to complete and then they do the same!  It's like the best kind of mail ever.  Artsy Pen Pals!! 

This week, i'm sharing with you the collaborative project with Carol Graham from the Winnipeg, MB in Canada!  

First of all, the envelope she sent me the tiles in was amazing:

I can't bring myself to recycle it.  :)

The first tile i saw when i opened the envelope was this one:
I honestly didn't want to touch it because the colours on the tile were so beautiful - i asked Carol how on earth she managed to make the tile look like that.  She told me made a 'boiled' book and pressed leaves and flowers between the papers and then boiled them, and threw in some tiles for good measure.  I'm sure glad she did.  The tile is gorgeous. 

Anyway, i had to step away from it because i had one of those: "WHAT IF I WRECK IT!!" moments of panic.  So i worked on her second tile instead; which, by the way, was still intimidating.  

Carol's delicate line work was so different from my own, so i had to really slow down and focus.

This was my end result.
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And afterwards, i felt pretty good, so i took a stab at the boiled tile.  

after: I think it turned out pretty alright. 
 I'm quite happy with the end result, i just needed to jump in.  And: BONUS!! the back of the tile is just as gorgeous as the front, because the boiled colours seeped right through the tile, so i have the best of both worlds.  :D

Thank you so much Carol!  I loved loved loved working on your tiles!!!

Stay tuned for next week when i will share what Carol did with my tiles!

Have a good one


  1. Wow! Both are absolutely stunning;-). That Hollibaugh bit is fascinating and you've achieved another seamless collaboration.

  2. Both are great, but I love, Love LOVE what you did with the boiled tile. Treating it like a tan tile by adding brown and white was brilliant!
    Thanks so much for being my first Traveling Tangles Partner :)

  3. Tangle Noob here. Y'know, I thought I had this figured out and wasn't doing too bad...until seeing these. You make me strive for a higher level. These are amazing....

  4. Ditto Mark's comment. Seeing this inspires me to ramp up expectations of myself. These tiles are amazing....both Carol and Laura's work!

  5. These are wonderful collaborations

  6. These are wonderful collaborations

  7. All oft you is wonderfull. Thank you for all this challenges,which inspires me so much

  8. All oft you is wonderfull. Thank you for all this challenges,which inspires me so much


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