Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Travelling Tangles - with Kim Aarts part 2

Scroll down for this week's challenge!  

I hope you're enjoying this Wednesday Series as i share my collaborations with tanglers from all over the world!  (you can find the rest of this series here)

The Travelling Tangles Project is a group on facebook created and organized by Stephanie Jennifer, in Singapore.  It's so much fun - you pair up with another tangler - you send them a tile or two to complete and then they do the same!  It's like the best kind of mail ever.  Artsy Pen Pals!! 

This week, i'm sharing with you the collaborative project with Kim Aarts from the Netherlands!  

Last week i showed you the tiles that Kim sent me that i completed.  This week i'm sharing the tiles that i sent to her, that she completed! 

Happy Mail!!

Like i've said: I'm working on getting better at renaissance tiles.  So here's the tile that i sent to Kim.
 And look what she did!!

After - by Kim Aarts
I'm i love with her shading, and also the use of the white gelly roll in the background printemps.  I would not have thought of that.  I'm learning so much by partaking in this project.  :D

The second tile i sent her had a very bright sploosh of colour, thanks to the Hefty Hack technique.

Here's what she did with it!

I love the bold black in this tile, also the little bubbles!!  Thanks so much Kim!! i had so much fun swapping with you!!

Have a great week! 



  1. Oh look at that! I'm so honored. I loved swapping with you too.

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