Monday, January 16, 2017

Weekly Challenge #299

Good Monday morning everybody!

It's been a pretty non-exciting week for us here.  We dipped down to SUPER FREAKING COLD weather with several days down around the -35C mark (-31F) and that's not including the windchill which sometimes took us down as far as -44C (-47.2F).  Those are the days were we run from the house to the van, and from the van to the school and back again - and then we don't leave the house again unless we ABSOLUTELY have to.

There's a lot of hibernation mode around here.  One of the things that happens a lot in the winter, though, is that B-rad tends to play more video games and i tend to paint more.

So i have begun a crazy project - which you can follow on instagram if you're so inclined (@iamthediva)

When i'm painting a large canvas, i tend to get too precious with the work i'm doing - and i get stuck.  Not knowing what to do next, and so the canvas gets moved to the 'unfinished' pile because i just don't know what to do next.

getting ready to embark on The Crazy
I came up with this idea of: "What if i just had to keep painting? What if i just had to push through that wall of i don't know what to do next?" SO i decided that i would work on ONE PIECE for 50 hours.

I have actually no idea how many hours i tend to put into pieces, so i had no idea if that was going to be WAAAAY too many hours, or not nearly enough.  but, i have begun.  So far it feels like 50 hours is going to be a really tall order to fill.

this is the end of Hour 1
One fun thing that we did this week - B-rad and i surprised Chewie with a movie night on Tuesday.  B-rad took a few hours off work and we picked up the boys from school and dropped Artoo at Grandma's and took Chewie to see Rogue One.  We splurged for the D-Box tickets, which are these seats that rumble and move like a rollercoaster in time to action on the movie screen.

Chewie and B-rad loved the D-Box seats, whereas i only made it about 25 minutes into the film before i had to move to a different seat.  I just couldn't handle the moving seats and i found them more distracting than enhancing.  But - i LOVED the movie.  I thought it was excellently done, and it makes sense of many of the questions unanswered in the original triology.

I feel like we may have been the last three people to see it.  The theatre was basically empty.  In fact, there were literally 9 people in the whole place.  Granted we did go to a 4:10pm showing (because bedtime)

Chewie went to bed that night feeling special (he doesn't get a lot of one on one time with us) and with visions of starships in his head.  

Sunday afternoon i had the privilege of teaching an introduction to zentangle class to these ladies:

Tangling their little hearts out
Hey girls!!
and here's a close up one of their complete tiles.  (The birthday girl was such a natural, she took to tangling like a duck to water!)

they were a fun crew.  I hope they enjoyed their class! 

Weekly Challenge #299: "New Official Tangle: Drawings"
I have been very excited for this week's challenge.  Over my self imposed (but much needed and appreciated) Christmas break the mothership released the step outs for their new tangle "Drawings" that they officially shared with CZTs back at their ZenAgain conference in November.  

You can see the official step outs for Drawings here.  (remember that it's pronounced Draw-Wings)

Christmas Wings - 12 Days of 3zs
They shared the step outs in tandem with their Twelve Days of 3Zs series.  What you see above is my piece on a 3Z tile, which is one of the new products they shared at ZenAgain.  They are beautiful triangle shaped tiles which are super fun to play with.  (You can find them on the zentangle website, or ask your local CZT if they have any!)

I was lucky to have a lovely CZT offer to share some 3Zs with me just in time for the 12 Days of 3Zs, and i'll share them all with you over the next couple of weeks.  Thank you AGAIN Jody Genovese!!  

I also have many travelling tangles collaborations to share with you, so watch for those in the coming weeks as well.  

AND - also my fellow Saskatonian CZT Margaret Bremner (who attended ZenAgain) was so awesome and brought the rest of the Saskatchewan CZT contingency their own 3Zs to play with, so excpect to see more of those in the future.  ;) 


This week's challenge is to try out the new tangle Drawings! i look forward to seeing how you fly!!

Love Laura

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  1. Loved the movie. Star Wars has been appearing all over my crafting since :o)
    I love Drawings, going to have fun with this one.

  2. Love the painting you are doing with its joyful explosion of color! How nice for Chewie to have a special day!

  3. This is the time of year I feel sorry for Canadians. OTOH, after January 20th, I might decide that freezing might be a small price to pay for living in a relatively sane country. You're wise parents to give Chewie a chance to have special time with you and B-rad. Being a big brother, especially to a child who needs extra attention sometimes, can make a young one feel less important than his/her sibling. So, it's nice when maturity can be rewarded sometimes. Thanks for using Drawings for this week's challenge. As usual, it forced me to a handle on it. Happy New Year.

  4. I've been following your painting progress on Instagram and am loving it! It's fun to see each new hour's development.

  5. Well, Laura, here I am posting again after so long being away. Feels good to once again submitting my art for everyone. I don't do Instagram, so I am waiting to see what you have done with the painting next week. Good luck.

  6. Thanks for this lovely challenge, I like the 3Z tiles also very much, your tile is beautiful and so is your painting!

  7. Nice to hear you're making it through that bone chilling cold. This is the type of weather I love to sit inside and look out at. It's nice to sit inside my nice warm Cottage and draw Tangles thank you for giving us this opportunity.

  8. Greetings and happy new year to our friends to the north. I feel like such a weenie--it's been 40 to 60 F and I am FMAO. Great work you have shared--particularly in the parenting category. Can't wait to see the progress on the painting. Cheryl

  9. If that's how your painting looks after one hour, I can only imagine how beautiful if will be after 50 hours! Thanks for this week's challenge!

  10. Sooooo happy that the challenge was drawings. I can't believe I hadn't played with it before... It's lovely! Your tile is beautiful!

  11. So happy with this challenge! Love Drawings!

  12. Like the 3Z tile. I have not tried those. I have not ordered any yet. Think that they may work great for mosaics. Waiting to see the end results of 50 hrs,(don't do instagram). Was curious if you did the painting hanging in the background or picture of you class?

  13. Couldn't get a chance to do a new tile for this challenge, but I had a tile that I did earlier (and quite like) so I'm posting that one. Too late for any other comment.

  14. I just got a 2nd tile up with Drawings. I really wanted to try some stippling for shading, so there it is. I like using stippling but I know I need to use it more so I get better at it. It is fun and very meditative though. So perfect for this challenge. And this challenge is perfect for after the holiday craziness. Something new but not overwhelming. Thanks for this one Laura!


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