Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Weekly Challenge #304

Good Tuesday morning all!

I hope you all had a nice long weekend, if you were lucky enough to have one.  Here in Saskatchewan we were celebrating Family Day.

The boys' home made valentines from last week were a great success.  Chewie hand stamped and then hand wrote a card for each of the kids in his class.  It was perfect, his design was so simple and the sentiment was his.  What a creative kid.

Artoo opted to make one giant multicoloured masterpiece and then we cut it down into ATC sized cards for his classmates.  They were a big hit at the valentine's day party in his school.  

B-rad surprised me with pink roses and a funny card - he totally gets me. 

Artoo had his first big dentist appointment in years, and i was super stressed out about it because the last trip to the dentist was so traumatic for him (and for me).  But he was amazing, and he cooperated with the dentist and she was even able to get his dental xrays done!! unbelievable.

His teeth were clean and healthy, so we celebrated with a giant chocolate chip cookie, as you do.

such a happy boy
 As i mentioned before, yesterday was Family Day here in Saskatchewan - but we didn't do much this weekend because poor little Chewie started running a fever and complaining of being tired and having a sore throat on Saturday afternoon.  By Sunday he was worse and Artoo started feeling warm as well.  By Monday he was on antibiotics....  and he's pretty bummed out about being sick - The boys both start a week holiday from school this week.

waiting for the doctor
 But yesterday the boys wanted to make a craft - so we got out some paper, paint, and scissors and we made these awesome snakes.  The boys had fun playing with their snakes until lunchtime.

Chewie's heart shaped snake
Weekly Challenge #304: "New Official Tangle Waybop"
You may have seen this tangle out and about in the internets lately.  Back in November, Zentangle HQ released a few new tangles at their CZT Retreat ZenAgain.  Well, on Valentine's Day the latest Zentangle Newsletter came out with the Step-outs for the new tangle Waybop.

Find the newsletter and see the step outs HERE

Here's my contribution

Have fun with this tangle! It's so elegant and there's so much room for playing here.

have a great week!

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  1. Love your Waybop, Laura, and the fun cards the boys made. So sorry they are under the weather and hope they are both well soon!

  2. Beautiful Wayboptile. In Belgium we don't have a family-day but that's very nice and so lovely to get roses from B-rad and funny cards from the kids. I wish them a quick recovery!

  3. Hi Laura, very nice work on your WayBop tile. Fancy, very fancy. I am glad the boys are pretty much ok, hope they are feeling better soon. Yesterday when you didn't post your challenge, I was worried something very bad had happened. I didn't know Canada had a holiday for Family Day. Now I understand. Thanks for all you do for us Zentanglers. Have a happy week.

  4. Yup Laura, that is a beautiful tile and I'm sending the boys good health karma. I so enjoyed this challenge and had hoped you'd challenge us with Waybop. I added Auraknot to it and was very pleased with the result and the endless possibilities it conjured up.

  5. I hope the boys are better soon so they can enjoy their break - and so can you. Loved their valentine cards. And I'm enjoying the Challenge this week, there's a lot of potential in this pattern I feel.

  6. Beautiful tile! Hope your boys get better soon!

  7. Absolutely loved your boys' Valentine's cards! They are so sweet and creative. Thanks for the challenge - Waybop is becoming my new favourite tangle. :)

  8. I'm enjoying experimenting with Waybop love to the boys and you!

  9. Your tile is gorgeous! I'm so happy that you used this as a challenge this week... it offered me the opportunity to explore the tangle a bit more. ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’•

  10. Cutest Valentine's Day cards ever! Thanks for the opportunity to use Waybop! Belated Happy Family Day! What a lovely idea! Canada RULES!


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