Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekly Challenge #313

Happy Monday Morning all!

I hope you all had a great week!

The boys have been off school all week for Spring Break - and i'm pretty excited that they're back in class today.  It was a busy week - but there was lots of bickering.... par for the course in siblings land.

One of the best parts of my day was Art Time in the studio.  Both boys were very happy to sit and draw/colour with me in the mornings.   Chewie was very excited because i gave him a hard backed journal i had in my studio... it's "Just like yours!"

Artoo drew this awesome Robot - which he named Mr. Roboto - we may or may not have been listening to Styx.... 

When the weather was okay we went outside and i was able to clean out my flower beds - i was very happy to see my tulips were starting to grow!  Happy Day!!! 

beautiful growing things
 We made a day trip to the mall on Wednesday to do a bit of shopping - Chewie had TWO birthday parties to go to last weekend, so while we were there we had to try the Unicorn Frap from Starbucks.

Tastes like rainbows?
Artoo wasn't a huge fan, he mostly preferred to drink water instead.  Chewie thought it was pretty good, though.
Tasty Unicorn 
On Thursday the boys were a great help in doing some yard work.  We worked together and raked up the leaves and needles that fell from the tress.  I told them if they helped me i would give them all the checks they need on their Chore Checklist - so we could go mini golfing.
They were very good helpers

 On Friday my GalPal Tara gifted me with the most amazing early birthday present ever!!  She had this gorgeous fox mug made by the extremely talented Stephanie from Fired Figments - she makes these amazing dragon mugs, and so Tara asked if she would consider making fox mugs.  One for me (with green eyes like me) and one for Tara (With blue eyes like her).  Foxes are very special to Tara and I because of a quote by Michael J. Fox that helps us get through our lives.  Often one of us would say to the other: "What would Michael J. Fox do?"

"Don't spend a lot of time imagining the worst case scenario.  It rarely goes down as you imagine it will and if  by some fluke it does, you will have lived it twice" - Michael J. Fox
 It's seriously one of the most thoughtful gifts i've ever received.  I love it so much.  And i love Tara too.

On Saturday B-rad and i took the boys for their Mini Golf game that they worked for.  It was 3D Glow Mini Golf - and we all had so much fun.  They have to earn 100 checks (doing chores and being helpful) and when they do we do a fun activity as a family.  We didn't bother keeping score, which was just as well (I DID get a hole in one, though...)
A Boy and his Dolphin 
Another boy and his dolphin

 Then after the golfing the boys had their spring pictures taken with our friends' kids (As we do every year) followed up by ice cream and shenanigans.

Tasty Ice Cream for all!
 And on Sunday the whole family did some Glow Bowling for Chewie's League wind up - with pizza and funny names on the screen.  I happened to get three strikes, and a handful of spares - it was the best game i've ever bowled. lol

Chewie's got moves!
All in all - it was a busy week and i'm glad that it's over.  lol

Weekly Challenge #313: "Amanda Day (Earth Day) Version Six!"
so, this is a little bit of an inside joke for the title. Way back in 2012 - When Chewie was only four years old - he declared that the Earth should be named Amanda.  I don't know why.  But he was certain, in a way that only a four year old can be, that the Earth needed a new name and that it should be Amanda.  So.  This week's challenge is to honour our Mother Earth, also known as Amanda as a tribute to Earth Day which was this last Saturday.   

(See past years 2012  2013  2014  2015  2016)

For my tile this week (which i streamed on Twitch last night) i chose to make my tile on a piece of recycled material.  I ended up tracing a tile onto some granola bar packaging and tangling on that!

Recycling is cool 
I found that i actually really LOVED tangling on the cardboard!  For whatever reason, it took to the pen so lovely!  The white gel pen really worked great!!  I started with a border and a string, and as i tangled i inadvertently starting creating a landscape - so i went with it.
Happy Amanda Day!!

 Thank you to everyone who came by to watch the live stream last night.  If you'd like to be notified when i'm streaming all you need to do is create a Twitch account (It's free) and give my channel a heart to follow and receive notifications.  You don't need an account to watch the Live Stream, but you do need an account if you want to join us in the chat room!!

It was a fun crowd last night!! 

have a great week!

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  1. Ok, Laura, here is my entry for the challenge #313....on the back of recyclable material. I like Chewie's new name for the earth.

    Duane Anderson.

  2. Happy Amanda Day to you and your sweet family, Laura!

  3. No tangling tonight, anyway not the challenge because I first had to color a tile. So, I am waiting for it to dry and will tangle tomorrow. Maybe a bit hard for me, no great ideas at this moment. Thanks for this new challenge!!!

  4. Happy Amanda Day! I used an add for Energy saving light bulbs, lots of fun thanks!

  5. I too have a handmade mug, similar to yours... it has a cat hanging over the edge, it's tail is the handle and inside at the bottom of the mug is a fish! I LOVE that your boys get "art" time with you! This time was the greatest gift my nieces could give to me when they were young! Now they are 18 and 14! Sounds like you had terrific family time! I really like how the boys have to earn their "points". Amanda Day was an amazing challenge for me... I finally feel like I stepped into my own personal artistic ability! :)

  6. You all have such a lovely family! Another awesome challenge!

  7. Sorry for adding a second entry, but I drew another tile up for "Amanda Day" and added it to my blog post for this week.

  8. My first time participating! Your family is adorable! I loved this challenge! Thanks!

  9. Your tile is beautiful! I Love recycling in art!😍 So inspiring!

  10. Great tile and I love your mug! How fun to have and use!

  11. Thanks for another inspiring challenge! I loved the stream on Sunday. I wasn't at home so I didn't have access to something to recycle, except an idea😉 I'm challenging myself to "the elegance of limitation" and going with my organic flow.

  12. Hi mom, did you know your little Chewie is quite a genius? He was right the whole time calling Earth Day Amanda Day!!! I did the research.
    I thoroughly enjoyed this week's challenge, albeit only drawing 2 tangles. 'Less is sometimes more' is my motto (when I am out of ideas). );

  13. I love the Michael J. Fox quote. Thanks for a wonderful challenge. I think I'm addicted to tangling on recycled food boxes. A good excuse to eat more faster!!! :}


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