Monday, May 29, 2017

Weekly Challenge #318

Happy Monday all!

How was your week?
Artoo and his class had a field trip to a farm this week, and i got to come along.  It was fun and Artoo loved the kitties
On the school bus!
 He also got to brush the cow and milk a goat - and he learned about chickens and pigs and where our food comes from.

 Artoo started feeling pretty yucky by the end of the week, though, and so he stayed home with me on Friday - and he even fell asleep in my lap.  That's how i KNEW he wasn't feeling well..

We were on 'round the clock artoo-watch because he really really really wanted to play in his piano recital on saturday.

And he was still a bit sniffly and coughing - but both boys played and both boys did SOOO AMAZING!

Chewie - being awesome

Little Artoo on the BIG piano bench - he also did amazing. 

Th boys and their teacher, Cheyenne
 Sadly, our first Karl passed away this week.  He made it six months!  So we went to the pet store this weekend and now the boys have a new friend named Percy Jackson.

Say Hello to Percy
 Grandma and Grandpa found Chewie a new bike at a garage sale this weekend  also - and so we went to get new helmets (These boys grow so fast!!)

 and while we were at the toy store we found an AMAZING thing - a three wheeled scooter - which is PERFECT for Artoo.  He has issues with balance, due to his Moebius Syndrome, but with that third wheel - he can scoot along pretty great! He loves it!!

a Scooty-boy and his Scooter
 Weekly Challenge #318: "Diptych"
So, this week's challenge is to create a Diptych.

A diptych is two panels joined with a hinge - and the panels are mirrored - and i use the term 'mirrored' loosely.

So for you piece i took a tile and i folded it corner to corner.  I drew two triangle borders, one on each side, and then i tangled them.  I found it easier to draw something on one side and then repeat it on the other side.
fold in half

Now it's 3D!
 For my first tile - i used Mooka as my 'hinge' to connect the two sides together.

 I also did a diptych on a zendala tile - i folded it in half and then folded a few inches from the bottom.  I made a small cut in the tile so that i could tape it and make it stand up.

Black and blue
I've been meaning to try this technique for a long time.  Rick and Maria made a Kitchen Table Tangle video about diptychs which is on the full version of the Mosaic app.  it was fun, and i love how it looks.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in to watch me stream last night! it was a fun crowd.
(You can watch me stream live on Sunday nights on my Twitch channel.  You don't need an account to watch, but you do if you'd like to join the chat!)

 have a great week!

And if you're on the Zentangle Mosaic App or Instagram - i'm @iamthediva - come on by and follow me, and i'm going to be using hashtags on the app for each of my weekly challenges. So if you're game - use the hashtag #DC318(Diva Challenge #318) for your tile this week! You can also search in the app for people's contributions to the challenge by clicking on the hashtag from inside the app, or using the search function. 

If you have a blog or host your images on line (like on Flickr or Picassa or Pinterest), add the site-specific URL where your tile is posted to the linkey machine below! Don't forget to link back here so that others can join in the fun! (if you don't know how to find this, you can see my half assed tutorial here) Also, please feel free to come back often and visit the links of those people on the linkey machine - don't forget to leave a comment or feedback, everyone loves feedback. ;) 
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  1. Great idea for a challenge. I never think to fold first. Thanks

  2. Fun challenge. I love the one you completed, Laura!

  3. Thanks for another fun challenge and stream last night 😉 I really like your approach to Crazy Huggins...lot's of room to play. I learned some new things!

  4. I've really enjoyed the last two challenges as they are things I wouldn't have thought of on my own! Thank you Laura.

  5. I did watch last night. You were awesome! If no one has told you on a round tile fold about a quarter of the way up on your tile. Then open and fold in half, just to the first fold. no cutting necessary, although yours looks great! Thanks for the challenge.

  6. Your black-and-blue-tile is wonderful! A very interesting challenge. Thank you for the idea! Best wishes, Margarete

  7. I would love to do this challenge,but, I am not sure how to link my gallery to your post...I will try to figure it out tho.

  8. Both tiles are beautiful! I absolutely love the blue and black! :D

  9. Lovely tiles and a fun challenge! Thank you for keeping us busy with so many new and interesting ideas!

  10. Great idea for a challenge - thanks for always throwing me a new toy to play with!

  11. You must be PSYCHIC! Another "must try" challenge crossed off my list!


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