Monday, August 14, 2017

Weekly Challenge #329 Guest Post Marguerite Samama

Hello Zen-pals & Diva-lovers!

How are you doing today? I am excited to be here.
Let me introduce myself.
I am Marguerite Samama from the Amsterdam Area in the Netherlands, I am a CZT16 and run a small company called HappyTangling. Presenting you my challenge this week here is a great honor and pleasure to me.

Besides teaching Zentangle weekly, I write, edit and present programs about classical music on Dutch national Radio. I love singing, reading, cooking, talking to friends, walking our dog, meditating, running, Italy, Stockholm and Zentangle. I am 44 years old, married to David and mum of Shira and Gil, two teenagers with, let’s say, minds of their own.

As far as my Zentangle work is concerned I would like to share a few things I am proud of. First of all there is my Sunday group of children. They have come to tangle for 3 years in a row!!! And they want to keep coming after this Summerholiday. It warms my heart.
Secondly there is my cooperation with CZT Anoeska Waardenburg. We call ourselves Two2Tangle and organise Zentangle masterclasses for 22 people twice a year. The mosaic below is from our last event. The next one will be in November, only 2 seats left. It is inspiring to exchange ideas and experiences with such a talented and generous colleague.
Next there is ValenTangle, two weeks of using hearts and hearttangles, leading up to Valentines Day, two weeks of prompts and daily sharing in our ValenTangle Facebookgroup. Be sure to join in Feb 2018! I have hosted this for 2 years now and it has generated a lot of goodwill, connection and incredible tangling.
Last but not least there is Delft Delights™, a concept that I released in May with Jenny Peruzzi on Etsy as a kit. Basically it is about Zentangle meeting Delftware; how to use different shades of blue in our tangling. Hopefully this gives you an idea of the many faces of my tangle-work.

Weekly Challenge #329 - "Fragment D-1"
This week’s challenge

My challenge has everything to do with a small FRAGMENT from the Primer by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, a divine fragment (what else?): dee incredible D-1.

This fragment can be used as a filler and on it’s own.
You can choose to arrange a bunch of them with the diagonal line in the same direction, as you can see on the bijou with Zenith on the sides.
You could also play with the direction of the diagonal line, mirror it for example, as you can see on the black bijou.
Combining this fragments with other fragments is another option.
Keep in mind that D-1 can be used on black, white and tan.
And furthermore on a (prestrung) Zendala and in a spiral! Or you could use color.

If you look at  the fragment carefully, you can see it consists of 2 triangles divided in 3 mini-sections, so 6 mini-compartments in all. The mini-compartments can be filled/embellished as well! You can see an example of this on my D-1 spiral tile. The possibilities are endless.

D-1 goes very well with D-va, don’t you think?
If you are looking for a glamorous fragment, this is dee one.
So, I invite you to play, enjoy yourself and share what you come up with.
Happy Tangling!


#DelftDelights™  , available through AcadiaLaserCreations on Etsy
ZentangleMosaicApp MargueriteSamamaCZT

Hashtags for this week: #dc329 #fragmentd1 #iamthedivacztchallenge
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  1. Kijk, dat is nou leuk (en onverwacht) een Nederlandse CZT aan te treffen als vervangende Diva. Mooi werk laat je hier zien en een leuke challenge. Dank je wel!!!!

    1. Dank voor je reactie Anne en ik ben heel benieuwd wat je met t fragment gaat doen! Groeten van Marguerite

  2. Nice to have you as guest this week, Marguerite. This fragment looks a lot like my tangle, Chaz that I taught at my CZT training, #11. Rick and Maria both loved it. It's such an easy shape to work with. It will be fun to see what other tanglers do with it.

  3. Hi Jean, you make me curious! Where can I find your Tangle?!


  4. Ja dat vind ik nou ook, ik sluit me aan bij Annemarie. Leuk!

  5. Ook leuk jou hier te ontmoeten Carmela! Altijd blij met je likes en om je werk te zien.

  6. Hello, thanks for stepping in this week, blue is my favorite color!!!! I cannot wait to get started. Love your tiles

  7. Thanks Tara! Hope you will use blue!!!

  8. OMG I had sooo much trouble with this tangle. Not sure if it's because of my 12 hour stressful work day or the return to work after a week vacation or that I have never practiced this one.!!!! Nemesis lol ok practice practice practice breathe lol

  9. This was a great challenge, Marguerite. I had so much fun I ended up doing 3. LOL Thanks so much for doing this challenge. I love all your pictures too. Your tiles are absolutely beautiful and I love seeing where you are from.

  10. Your examples are absolutely beautiful Marguerite!

  11. Thank you for hosting this week Marguerite! This Tangle fragment looked so simple but when I tried incorporating anything else I just got so discombobulated I couldn't remember what I was doing. After I put the Paradox I couldn't find my triangles to shade although it doesn't show up well I do have 3 shades of each colour.

  12. For me, this has been a really great and fun challenge using fragments and has opened my eyes to using them on a regular basis. Thanks.

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  14. Such an informative and entertaining blog post! Thank you, Marguerite, for inspiring me to R & F again!


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