Monday, September 18, 2017

Weekly Challenge #333 Guest post!!

Hey all, this is the last of the guest posts that i had line up for the summer! so i hope you enjoy!  This week's challenge is brought to you by Juliette Fiessinger and Kellie Fellinge - the hosts of the podcast Tanglepod!  Have a great week!

- laura

Diva Challenge #333: "Cozy up for a Change of Season with TanglePod’s Juliette Fiessinger and Kellie Fellinge, CZTs" 

Hi!  This is Juliette and Kellie from TanglePod - We are giddy to be guest hosting the Diva’s weekly challenge this week!  And, because it’s what we do – you can find a discussion of our challenge in a special Diva Challenge edition of TanglePod.  You can listen to our podcast here:   

We are both CZT’s in the Seattle area, and since 2014 we have met regularly to talk about what Zentangle® brings to our lives.  Over the course of a couple years, we brainstormed on so many different topics, looking for how to expand the benefits of sharing creativity and Zentangle. About a year ago we came upon the idea to share our conversations in a podcast. And so TanglePod was born. It feels like a natural extension to the journey we are on, and a way to extend the time we can spend outside of the classroom.   
Kellie writes – I became a CZT in class #16 – after a lifetime of trying on so many different creative outlets I can’t count them all. I am never afraid to try a new hobby, past time or dive head first into a creative endeavor.  I have always loved pen and ink and never have enough time to practice it in the various forms. Zentangle fits me perfectly and what I didn’t expect was how much I needed it when it found me, not for the artwork but for the focus, relaxation and breathing and that is what I love about teaching it. 
I have to admit – I love the Zendala tile that I did following recording our episode.  I incorporated the four tangles that we discussed as being our cozy, change of season tangles.  When I created the tile I felt so satisfied because I practiced a lot of focused breathing, went nice and slow and felt a sense of peace and calm each time I had to set aside the tile over a few days to finish it. It always feels strange to me to share these kind of tiles because while it is visually striking, it was the process of creating it that feels most beautiful to me. 

Juliette writes – 
I have been a CZT for a couple years now and I must say that every time I put my pen to the paper, the wonder of carving creative, relaxing time for myself to tangle - or enjoy other creative pursuits, never fades. Finding Zentangle has been a wonderful experience both personally and professionally. The joy never ceases to be able to share the creativity but also the relaxation, focus and mindfulness brought by the Zentangle Method™.  
I had so much fun thinking about what a change of season meant for me or for people around the world. I like that my life – and my art, is connected to seasons. Reflecting on the seasonal changes (and the winter coming for us in the Northern Hemisphere) as I tangled, led me to try different tiles and relationships between the tangles we picked. As Kellie mentioned, the resulting tile doesn’t fully convey the relaxation, the calming breathing or the meandering of our minds as we tangle… or does it? 
We won’t keep you guessing because we know you want to get on with the challenge! But we hope you will take some before, after or while you tangle to listen to our podcast about it! 

For this week’s Diva challenge we challenge you to identify a tangle or two that feel Cozy.  In Seattle, the change of season from Summer to Autumn in brings with it a desire to cuddle up.  If you aren’t sure what those tangles would be – give the ones we have identified (Tripoli, Marasu, Jukes and Ennies) a try.  
Like many of our podcasts, we take a circuitous route as we explore what the change of seasons brings, and what exactly defines a cozy tangle. We hope you enjoy listening, tangling and the crunching of leaves as the season changes.  

Happy Tangling from TanglePod! 

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  1. That was a surprise, another guest here and even more; two of them. I was not sure if I did understand your challenge (after all English is not my first language) but after some comments I think I did OK. Thank you both for this challenge!!!

  2. Super love the comfort of this weeks challenge. Thanks to Juliette and Kellie for stepping in.
    I had fun

  3. What a surprising challenge! Don´t know if I understod what to do but I did it and enjoyed it!

  4. Thank you to the team TanglePod for giving us this week diva challenge.The challenge seems interesting and I am up to accept your challenge to findout cozy tangle!


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