Monday, September 25, 2017

Weekly Challenge #334

Good Monday Morning!!

i hope you all had a great week, and thanks again to Juliette and Kellie for hosting last week's challenge.  That wraps up all the guest spots from the summer so it should be back to normal now.

First up i wanted to remind you about my Instagram giveaway celebrating 1000 followers! 

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 It's been an crazy month here at Casa Diva with the boys going back to school and getting back into their routines - Piano lessons have started up again, and this year both boys are in league bowling.

last weekend i decided to empty out Artoo's closet and remove all the shelving inside, including his old broken dresser that's been hiding in there since i refinished his new one.  As i was taking it apart i noticed that the side of the dresser was very much like a desk top, and i thought that maybe it would fit inside his closet, as a desk.... and it's almost a perfect fit.

So B-rad and i turned Artoo's closet into an Office.  When we showed Artoo his new desk and chair in his new bedroom office, he was so happy.  (apple doesn't fall far from this tree, i tells ya) He happily sits at his new desk and draws comics and writes notes.  This is great because he's excited about having an office "Mom, i'm going upstairs to work in my office until supper time, okay?"  AND now that he's working in his office he's not sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor - drawing and writing and leaving his notebooks and pencils all over the kitchen floor.  it's a win-win.

the level of picture drawing around here is crazy good 
We spent some time last week out at Grandpa's.  Grandma has been in Ireland with her sisters for 2 weeks, so we went out for breakfast and the boys played with their cousins while B-rad and his brother helped Grandpa build a wheel chair ramp for the back deck.  
Uncle Cam and Artoo watch B-rad welding
Here's a pretty little shot of my pretty little Princess Luna....

The prettiest pup in town
 And on Saturday Night B-rad and i went on a river cruise on the Prairie Lily with B-rad's shop.  They did some work on the dock and so they had the whole company and significant others come for a cruise.  (with an open bar....)
heading out as the sun was setting
 I've always wanted to go on the river cruise, so i was pretty excited.  We left as the sun was setting so we were treated to an amazing sky.  It was cloudy and chilly (only about 13C when we left - about 55F) but there was no wind which was nice.  The river was so calm - and the reflections on the water were soooooooo pretty.

Saskatoon is also known as the Bridge City - because of the many bridges that cross the South Saskatchewan River
 Coming back in the dark made the river look like a mirror.  It was a really beautiful ride - if only it was a touch warmer.  lol

Weekly Challenge #334: "Crazy 'nzeppel with Molly"
This week Sakura of America released another video featuring zentangle royalty Molly Hollibaugh where she guides you through a variation, or tangleation, of the tangle 'Nzeppel - it's called Crazy 'nzeppel!

Watch Molly demonstrate in the video below....
(You can find the step outs for the original tangle 'nzeppel HERE if you're interested)

I'm pretty excited about this video because i almost ALWAYS use this tangleation of 'nzeppel.  I hardly ever used the grid based version that is the original format.

Sunday night as i was getting everything ready to work on my post i had an interruption of the nine-year-old-variety.

B-rad was out with his bowling team, having a dip in the hot tub after their games, so i was home with the boys and the dog.... when Chewie came padding down the stairs.  Sadly, both of my boys inherited my awesome anxiety skillz - which manifest in different ways in each boy.  Chewie was having a hard time turning his brain off to go to bed, and was spiralling into some scary (for him) thoughts - so after getting him a bit of warm milk and giving him some hugs and having a bit of a chat... i asked him if maybe he wanted to tangle with me.  Tangling has always helped me turn my brain off and to relax.  So, he sat next to me and we tangled together.
Here is my tile

Tangling Crazy Nzeppel and Noom
When he finished he felt much better and fell asleep almost immediately - BEHOLD THE POWER OF ZENTANGLE!! lol


This week's challenge is to try out this cool tangleation of Nzeppel!  

Have a great week!
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  1. Love that you created an "office" for Artoo. Everyone needs their own space. Nice that you got to take that cruise. Looks lovely!

  2. Even now, I LOVE my own little room, just for me as I always wanted :-)
    I love this challenge, thanks! Your tile is beautiful.

  3. Your tile is gorgeous! Thanks for another fun post and challenge!

  4. It's nice to have a space just for us. Tangling calms me down as well. So happy I found and tried out this method. Cuddos to you for your blog and your challenges

  5. What a great post. I love the office and Zentangle as a cure for insomnia is going to be so helpful for me, too. Thanks again

  6. Thank you for another great post! I love the office space and insomnia cure. I'm crazy about 'Nzeppel;-)

  7. Lovely pictures, thank you Laura. Your dog is wonderfull. I'm sure he will bring much happiness into your family.

  8. I love ´NZeppel!. Will work on it even more from now on!

  9. Now I am sitting on a train going to south of Sweden and have time to read your blog. It is always interesting to follow you and your boys! Love the story about Artoo's Office!😍


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