Monday, January 8, 2018

Weekly Challenge #346

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  It's another fabulous year for creating tangles, donchya think?

It's so nice to be back from the Christmas Break - but it was nice to have the time off as well.  We were super busy, as everyone tends to be in the weeks before Christmas.  

and now i will slam you with photos of my kids being adorable....

Snow Man day at school
 The last week of school was Spirit Week and so each day the boys had something different and fun happening.   My favourite was Snowman Day - they looked so great.

Hugging and catching Pokemon

Me and my beautiful mama playing cards on Christmas Eve
 On Christmas Eve we make appetizers and watch The Muppet Christmas Carol - it's one of our few traditions, but i've watched The Muppet Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve every years since 1996.  The boys both love it, and Grandma and Grandpa came over and watched with us.  The boys were both super excited to go to bed so they could get up in the morning.  They are seriously the best part of Christmas.
Christmas Morning cuteness

Christmas morning excitement
Somebody loves peanut butter and cayenne pepper - Spice Butter, he calls it. 

World's biggest Fitz and the Tantrums fan

Brothers reading together

That's frost on my hood from my breath
 The week of Christmas we were experiencing ridiculous cold temperatures.  It was so cold that we were under extreme weather warnings with temps of below -40 some days! *and i know that's where F and C meet up, so.... yep.  It was cold.
Went to see the Wizard of Oz with my crew (my nephew, my Sister in Law, my brother's girlfriend, and also my mom) 
Chewie and Uncle Rico enjoyed some quality time
A highlight for the boys was having their Uncle come and stay for the Christmas break - and he was here for just over a week.

 On New Year's Eve the 'party' (i use that word loosely) was at our place.  2 of my 3 brothers came over along with my niece and my brother's gf, and we played board games, and Mario Kart, and stayed up until Midnight!  The boys were super excited to stay up until the new year rolled in

this is such an accurate family photo. 

 As soon as the clock hit 12:00, though, Artoo announced that he was tired and he would be going to bed now.  lol.

This handsome boy made it all the way to midnight on New Year's Eve
 B-rad had the whole week off and so we really enjoyed the holiday this year.  Except that one by one, we all got sick with a tummy bug - thankfully no one was sick on Christmas Day, but Chewie was sick all night of the 23rd and most of the morning of the 24.... and then B-rad and i were both sick on the 26th.... and my brother who was staying with us also was sick that night (Never have i ever in my entire life been so happy to have three bathrooms as i was that night).... we thought that it would miss Artoo, but on the 30th he started complaining that his tummy felt bad - and so it hit him too, in the end.  And while it really sucked that we were all sick - it also made for a very low key holiday with lots of relaxing and watching movies and just generally lazing around in pyjamas all day.
Pupper Snuggles.

Weekly Challenge #346: "DuoTangle Phicops vs. Huggins"
For the first week back - the first week of the new year, i thought i'd do a pretty relaxed challenge - a duotangle - and as is tradition to celebrate B-rad's birthday (which is today, Jan 8) one of those tangles will be his tangle PHICOPS (link to step outs) and the other will be Huggins (link to step outs)

A Duotangle is a term coined here at Casa Diva for a tile that uses only two tangles and their variations.  

Here's mine

I've also managed to record my process - you can watch that here

Excuse the amazing manicure.... lol

have a great week everyone!
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  2. Happy New Year!! Love all the Pics!! Can't believe how much Artoo has grown... he looks so much older than even before Christmas! And... The Count of Monte Cristo... one of my favourites!!

  3. Welcome back, Laura! I hope 2018 will bring you and your family all you need to have a good life. I'm wondering what to make of the challenge, hard to combine I fear ... O, and Happy belated Birthday for B-rad!

  4. Happy New Year To you and your family and thank´s for a nice challenge to start the year with! Phicops and Huggins are favourites of mine!

  5. Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

  6. Happy New Year Laura and family!

  7. Happy New Year, Laura and family! I’m finally back! I went from nit missing any challenges to missing 21. Oh well, I am sure glad to be on this side of my injured wrist and hand. Missed everyone!

  8. Happy New Year everyone. Will not make any claims as now many challenges I will get to this year but it was nice to tangle again. Like both of these tangles so drew me in quickly. Looking forward to seeing what others have come up with.

  9. Trying to figure out if is my computer or something else, but every link I click on does not take me to anyone's page/post. Anyone else having similar issues?

    1. Some clitch I guess, on my end as it is now working.


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