Monday, January 15, 2018

Weekly Challenge #347

Good Morning everyone, and greetings from the Deep Freeze!!

B-rad had a great birthday on Monday - Artoo and i baked him a chocolate cake and we sang happy birthday and blew out the candles (twice....)

singing happy birthday....
 We've been in the middle of an arctic freeze up here in Saskatoon - all week our temperatures were waaaaaaaaay cold.... and my phone kept binging at all hours of the day and night with extreme temperature alerts.  (For the record... -40 C is the same as -40 F.... it's cold)

We haven't gotten out much this week, and the dog is a bit stir crazy and so are the kiddos which, in turn, makes mama a bit coocoobananas.


There was this ONE day this week that Luna and i got to go for a bit of a walk
She was super happy about that.
 I had a bit of a belated Christmas gift arrive this week - which included, among other things, this amazingly cozy sherpa blanket (which has been stolen by Artoo) and this amazing Bob Ross board game!!  OMG.  I can't even.

who wants to come over for game night?
 Luna and i have been hanging out inside a bit much this week, i think she thinks she's people.

Not very lady-like, young lady. 
And in case you thought the kids vanished this week:
Chewie plays Lacrosse for the Saskatchewan RUSH..... watch out.

 This weekend Chewie, Artoo and I had a playdate in the art studio - and we each painted a beautiful masterpiece.  Artoo was very proud of his, and Chewie was just so amazed at the way each water colour reacted to the next... it was super fun to watch them loving art.


 The weather is SUPPOSED to warm up this week - it's a testament to how cold it gets here when we start to think that -12C (10.4F) is tropical... so everyone cross your fingers and toes and hope that we warm up, at least a little.  thanks!

Weekly Challenge #347: "String Theory - Traced objects"

This week's challenge is a string challenge - and it's super fun, in my opinion.  To create this week's tile - use found objects around you and trace them onto your tile to create your string.

Here are the items i used:

Starbucks Coffee cup lid, Sealing wax, a date stamp and my Prismacolor Scholar eraser
Using randomly found objects is a fun way to break out of a string related rut - something i find myself in quite often.  I don't know about you but i tend to do a variation on a theme for my strings, and sometimes i find the string the hardest part about creating a tile at all!  So, random objects will help you create a string that is completely different from what you normally do - and that's rad.

I recorded a process video which you can watch here

Here's my finished tile

i really like this tile.
It's like a sampling of all my favourite tangles!!

So before i end this week's post - i just wanted to say thank you to everyone who liked and shared my post on facebook this week.  It seems that facebook dropped my page from it's radar or changed its algorithm, or both, and my post about last week's challenge only got one view - where it typically gets a few thousand organic engagements.  Facebook has also been pretty aggressive lately about asking me to pay to boost my posts, but that's not something i can do - being a stay at home, unemployed, mom.  Once the word got out it seemed that LITERALLY thousands of people messaged me to tell me that they thought that i had quit issuing challenges all together because they were not being notified by facebook each week.   I'm still here!! i promise!

This is my facebook page (click link) - a few people have suggested that facebook doesn't spread posts that have clickable links to outside websites as often so i will try directing people to my website link on facebook.  So please be sure to like the facebook page but also to follow it to make sure you receive my posts in your feed - if facebook is your jam.   Also - if you want to follow my youtube page - make sure you click the little bell on my page to get notified when i post a new video (if it's any incentive to you - i generally post the videos on Sunday Nights.... BEFORE the monday morning blog post goes live... so you'd get a bit of a head start)

(liking and sharing my posts is also appreciated.... but none of this is necessary) my thanks to all of you have been liking and sharing.  love love love.

have a great week everyone!
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  1. Your tile looks amazing, but your Bob Ross board game is the bomb!

  2. Thank you Laura for this surprising challenge. I wish you and your family (included the wonderful dog) a happy Newyear with many new experiences and I hope the temperatures will become a bit better very soon!

  3. I enjoyed watching your video this morning. I felt your Zen. What is the tangle you used in the bottom right corner? It looks fun to draw.

  4. Thank´s Laura, this was a perfect challenge for me today! Hope you won´t have so cold for a longer time now! We had snow-storm today and it was very stressful for the dogs!

  5. Brrr, that's really cold! How about the feet of the dog if she has to go out? I like this challenge and worked on it last night, but have to finish it today or tomorrow. I LOVE your tile.

  6. I love the flow in your tile Laura! This is a fun challenge!

  7. thanks for another great challenge! love the traced object strings;-) I spazzed out when submitting my linky.

  8. sorry, I made a misstake linking. But the last one was right...


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