Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Weekly Challenge #352

Happy Tuesday all!

If you had a long weekend, i hope you had a good one.  We were celebrating Family Day this weekend up here in the Skatch, which is why i'm posting on Tuesday instead of Sunday!

The boys had a fun week at school - they had valentine's day activities, including a sing a long, Chewie's class went to see a high school production of Annie, and his class also went swimming on Friday.  They have all this week off of school for "February Break" - and i'm already trying to figure out what we can do to keep from going insane.  LOL.  It's still pretty cold, average temps have been about -28C (about -20 F).

B-rad and i don't do much for valentine's day, but i really wanted to do something nice for him - so i painted him this canvas.  He's really been noticing that i haven't had much time to paint lately, so i created this gift for him.  I'm quite happy with the way it came out, and he loved it too.

Artoo had his annual day long eye exam on thursday - with the full barrage of tests, like vision and cornea thickness and eye pressure, he had to have his eye dilated, and it really distressed him how they drops made his eyes really blurry.  But he was a super star.  We arrived at the office at 9 am and we left at 1:45.  His eyes were still bugging him, and it was really late, so we just went home and watched Despicable Me instead of going to school, which was the original plan.  We never know how long these appointments are going to be.  He was happy to just snuggle on the couch and laugh at the yellow blobs on the tv screen.... 

A cookie while we wait for his pupils to dilate 

And then overnight, Artoo got sick... and so he stayed home on Friday, he's still sick but he's handling these colds SOOOO much better than he used to.

On Sunday Chewie had an AMAZING day at bowling!!  He got his very first TURKEY!!! and he's so proud of his Turkey Pin.  He's never had a turkey before so he was pretty excited

The proudest

On Monday for Family Day - we all hung out in our jammies all day and played cards, and mario kart, and scrabble... the boys are getting really great at scrabble.  

and we ended the day with Star Wars, episode 1: The Phantom Menace 

good day all around. 

Weekly Challenge #352: "String Theory - Nested Hearts"

So, over the past few weeks we have been introducing Artoo to the Star Wars universe.  This is the first time that he's ever expressed an interest in watching them, so we jumped on the chance and started with episode IV and have been working our way through the series together.  

so cute.

This week's challenge is a string challenge - still going with my own theme of heart shaped strings this month.  The challenge is to use nested hearts as your string.

In my tile i drew one heart inside the other, and then banded around the two hearts - i don't know if there's a name for this tangle - it's sort of just the band part of zander, but going on and on and on.  a tangleation maybe? it's one of those ones i just "DO" without thinking too much about it.  As i was completing this tile, i was reminded of Princess Leia's bun hair.  Like i said, there's been a lot of Star Wars at our house lately.... more than normal.  So i just went with it, and finished it off with Leia and Han's infamous i love yous.

 psh... who says I know?? he could have at least said "ME TOO" considering he didn't know if he would even survive the carbonite freezing..... amirite??{{eyeroll}}

So there's my tile.  i had fun doing it - and i did actually film a process video.  I hope to have it edited up and up on my YouTube channel very soon.  

have a great week

have a great week everyone!
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  1. I know what you mean about that banded thing - a tangle or not a tangle? Something I did often too. So I sort of turned it into a tangle - as I think it deserved it's own name! http://raggedray.blogspot.co.uk/2017/09/i-dont-know-why-i-dream-this-way.html

  2. I had to google to understand what a turkey in bowling is. I am impressed! The only thing I ever mastered in bowling was the gutter ball.

  3. I had to look up the turkey too. Very impressive. My idea of bowling is to go and buy the drinks and let everyone else get on with it. I like your nested hearts more than my own but then that's why you're the diva and I subscribe!

  4. I do hope Artook is better by now and OMG, what is Chewie doing well. So are you with that tile.
    Here in the Netherlands, after a winter with hardly temperatures below zero, now we are going to have Siberian temperatures this coming week. So, you're not alone :-)


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