Monday, March 12, 2018

Weekly Challenge #355

You guys, it snowed again.

like - will be ever have spring?

At least the boys had fun making a snow fort in the front yard...

after working away at it, Chewie called in the big guns to help dig the fort

snug as a bug
Thankfully the weather has been somewhat bearable, just lots of snow as well.  I can not wait for it all to be gone though, i'm not gonna lie.

I've been having a very busy week working on projects and trying to clean and organize my studio to make it easier to work on said projects - i've been pretty much a hermit all week... but i think there's finally a light at the end of the organizing tunnel.  fingers crossed.

Also i've been really trying to figure out this youtub business - and thank you so much every one - i can't believe i already have 500 followers!! tell your friends! lol

It's challenging to do a video as well as the tile and the blog, i don't think i've quite got the hang of how much time i will need to get it all done in time... as it's already midnight here on Sunday night and i'm still not finished editing the video and uploading to the tubes.   So, again thanks for hangin in there.  

Weekly Challenge #355: "Verve"

So, sometimes my friends in real life will send me a text message that says: "Hey, how do i draw _____?" insert tangle name into the blank.  

This week my friend Jenn (whaddup murderino?) asked me how to draw Verve.  Some times i will record a little iphone video and send it to them... So when Jenn asked me i recorded this little video and decided to share it to my Instagram page (@iamthediva)

A post shared by Laura Harms (@iamthediva) on

So i thought why not make Verve this week's challenge and really tie the whole thing all together?  I like to call this tangle the 69 tangle, because it's built of a 6 and 9, and that helps me to remember how it's done. 

Anyway, you can find the step out's for Verve here on JJ LaBarbera's blog - she's the inventor of this little ditty!

and here is my tile!

have a great week everyone!
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  1. Thank you, Laura, I just love this pattern. I've used it as the string on a couple of ZIAs and it works well smaller too. Hope Spring comes to you soon, M

  2. Wow, I do love Verve, have used it a lot, but have a bit forgotten it the last month. So, a great idea for the challenge. Hope spring will come your way soon! I love your tile BTW.

  3. Thanks for another lovely challenge with a bit "forgotten" but absolute beautifull tangle.Your tile is wonderful and so are the pictures of the boys in the snow. Very soon it will be springtime!!!

  4. I loved Verve as I learned it a couple of years ago so I am happy to find it here in your challenge too! You know it should be spring here too, but it isn´t. Still more snow coming!

  5. Just the tangle I needed this week!

  6. Thank you Laura for this challenge, I really enjoyed playing with Verve! Love your tile, it has such a flow!

  7. First post in a long, LONG time. Had some health issues; but I'm trying to come back. Still not quite into it, but I'm working at it. Thanks, Laura for still being here.

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  9. Hi everyone in this lovely community! I'm Alex from Germany and after looking secretly at this wonderful website for over a year now, today I finally had the courage to post my very first tile! So exciting! I'm far from perfection but I felt like wanting to join the tangling ladies here. Thank you Laura for this inspiring website!


tangle me some zen, baby!!