Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Weekly Challenge #358

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I hope everyone had a nice Easter Weekend!

We went out to B-rad's parents' for Easter dinner, and all the cousins and aunts and uncles were there!  The food was delicious, and after dinner all the aunties set up an Easter Egg hunt in the play room/loft.
A very happy Artoo has a bucket full of chips and chocolates
 Artoo was excited to find eggs and Chewie was so great at helping all the little cousins find things.  He's such a great older brother, and his cousin Katie was overheard telling his other cousin that Chewie is 'sooo nice'.  i agree, Katie.  I agree.

Chewie leading the egg hunt expedition
 We happened to take two vehicles out to my inlaws so i took Artoo home early to get him in bed, Chewie was so excited to get to stay 'out late' with his cousins.  But Artoo and i had a secret agenda, we wanted to pull an April Fool's Day prank on Chewie!

So before Chewie came home, Artoo and i emptied out Chewie's dresser of all his clothes, and we put a pair of their dad's underpants in each drawer instead.  Then giggling, Artoo went to bed....
what could it mean???
Sunday Morning, the boys woke up to find that the Easter Bunny was playing his own April Fool's Day prank on the boys.... and instead of baskets full of candy, what they found was a scrabble board...
It turns out the Easter Bunny hid twelve eggs in our rumpus room because it's still freakin WINTER here, and inside each egg was a scrabble tile....

working it out

The board with the clues: Two Words, Twelve Eggs, Length: Four, Seven

Also - the answer... photo taken after they figured it out

 It turns out - the Easter Bunny left the boys each a basket full of Chocolate and Toys in a big blue bin outside!!  What a great prank, Easter Bunny!!

after all the eggs were found, and the prank was done, it was time to take the boys to bowling - and so i told Chewie to go upstairs and get dressed.....

remember that prank that Artoo and i played??

Well, when chewie opened his dresser drawers and found nothing but dad's underpants, the PRANK WAS A SUCCESS!! and there was much laughing and Artoo was pretty proud of himself...

And on top of that, at bowling this week Artoo won "Bowler of the Week" for his great game two weeks ago!  He was soo excited, it was adorable to watch him jump up and down and run up to the announcer to claim his prize: Free Pepsi and Fries from the restaurant! lol   

soooo happy!!
 Weekly Challenge #358: UMT - Pickpocket by Tomas Pedros"

The first Monday of each month is a Use My Tangle challenge where the tangle we use is brought to us by ONE of YOU!! You don't have to be a CZT to submit, but they do have to follow the guidelines etc found here...

So the past week or so i kept seeing this really great tangle popping up on Instagram.  Seeing as the first monday of the month is when we use a tangle created by one of you, i thought this week's challenge would be to use Pickpocket by Tomas Pedros.

Tomas has an amazing instagram page - where you can see the step outs for this tangle, as well as lots of other zentangle eye candy.

It's such a cool dimensional looking tangle.  

i hope you have fun, it's definitely a little more high focused than other tangles out there, but give it a try or two, and you might fall in love.  

attempt No. 1

attempt no. 2

have a great week everyone!
And if you're on the Zentangle Mosaic App or Instagram - i'm @iamthediva - come on by and follow me, and i'm going to be using hashtags on the app for each of my weekly challenges. So if you're game - use the hashtag #DC358 (Diva Challenge #358) for your tile this week! You can also search in the app for people's contributions to the challenge by clicking on the hashtag from inside the app, or using the search function. 
If you have a blog or host your images on line (like on Flickr or Picassa or Pinterest), add the site-specific URL where your tile is posted to the linkey machine below! Don't forget to link back here so that others can join in the fun! (if you don't know how to find this, you can see my half assed tutorial here) Also, please feel free to come back often and visit the links of those people on the linkey machine - don't forget to leave a comment or feedback, everyone loves feedback. ;) 
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  1. Ooooh! Nice choice! And great Easter gifts/pranks! Love Artoo's happy dance! Congrats!

  2. Love your tiles, Laura! You made it look so easy on your video and that helped a lot! Thanks

  3. Looks like you had a fun week. I don't quite have Pickpocket under control yet. BTW, Tomas' last name is Padros, not Pedros.

  4. Great challenge this week! Challenging, yes, but Pickpocket is yet again such a great tangle by Tomàs Padrós.
    And I really love both your tiles for the challenge! Pickpocket looks great on a renaissance tile, but your wavy inepretation... that really is something! :-)

  5. Hi, Laura. I am surprised by the rapid and good reception of this pattern, which a week ago did not even have a name. I love your video and the very natural way you draw. Thanks for your kind words and your magnificent tiles. And thanks to those who participate in this challenge because it is you who give real life to the tangles and give them your personality enriching them.

  6. Loved playing around with this one. I'll definitely use it in the future. Your video was an awesome tool in learning this pattern! :) Thank you!


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