Monday, April 9, 2018

Weekly Challenge #359

Greetings Friends!!

I hope you all had a wonderful week.  The boys had Spring Break this week, though it was Spring in NAME ONLY!  It was still so cold this past week, and it looks like the weather doesn't have any plans of warming up any time soon.  The sun is really warm, but the wind is super cold - and the nights have been dipping down into crazy cold temperatures, which just leads to ice everywhere as the sun melts the snow during the day time.

Me and the boys didn't get up to much, they basically wanted to hang out all week and play video games and watch cartoons, and i was pretty okay with that as i haven't been feeling very well lately.

My parenting philosophy this week was ignore them until they played with each other.
it MOSTLY worked!
 About mid week we just HAD to get out of the house, so i took the boys to the theatre to see a Spring Break movie - each school break our movie theatre shows older kids movies for $2.99 in the morning, so we saw Boss Baby, but they were pretty excited to see this display for the Han Solo movie coming out this spring.  We just finished watching The Last Jedi and Rogue One this week, so we are officially aaaaaallll caught up and waiting for the next film in the Star Wars Universe!!

I wonder if this is when it makes the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs.... 

Cheese from the Theatre!
 Other exciting news is that my Baby Brother got engaged to his girlfriend in Universal Studios - in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in front of the Hogwarts Express.  My future Sister in Law is a huge Potterhead (YAY) and also a Hufflepuff, which is reflected in the Citrine ring he gave her.  aw!

 And finally on the weekend i had a chance to check out the Jimmie Dunham exhibit at the new Art Gallery, and it was really awesome.  I enjoyed it a lot!  here's one of the many pieces i saw.

i found all of his work really interesting, and the hand written commentary by the artist was sometimes quite funny.  i appreciate a little bit of humour.  ;)

Weekly Challenge #359: "String Theory: Finger Stringer"
This week's challenge is a String challenge - and that being to trace your fingers in interesting ways and to use that as your string. 

i found this one super challenging, myself, because when i overlapped my traced fingers it gave me a very 'busy' string.  I felt a little bit out of my element, which is good i suppose, but there was a bit of added pressure knowing that i was also being filmed. lol.    

Not too shabby
 At one point in the middle of this tile i gave up on the idea of trying to make it 'look good' and just had fun with it, and i really relaxed once i let go of that idea of perfection.  In the end, i quite like the tile - it gave me some ideas of things to try in the future on other tiles and pieces. 

If you've been watching my videos, thank you so much! YouTube has recently changed how you get approved for monetization, and so now you need to have over a thousand subscribers and large amount of hours viewed, so i really really appreciate you guys watching these videos that i am making. 

If you want to help support my little start up YouTube channel, please consider creating an account and subscribing to my channel!  Not only does it help me out, i often times post the video on Sunday nights...BEFORE the monday blog release.  So if that's any incentive....

also if i get approved for monetization maybe i can get myself a sound booth instead of this very high tech and sophisticated blanket fort sound booth.  LOL
cheers from the blank fort!

have a great week everyone!
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  1. The weather is weird everywhere I think. Yesterday it was 21 C, the warmest April 8th ever in the Netherlands. I'll try to send some warmth to you! Your tile is one I keep looking at; like it a lot.

    1. Thanks Anne, we sure could use some warmer weather. :)

  2. Loved doing this challenge as well, very fun! Thanks!


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