Monday, September 10, 2018

Weekly Challenge #367

Happy Monday!

What a Crazy Week at our house - with everyone trying to get back into a regular routine of appropriate bedtimes and early mornings, packing lunches, and what not.

Artoo - Grade 3
Artoo had mixed feelings about going back to school this year, but it only took a few days for him to find his friends and have a good time.

Chewie - Grade 5
My big man, on the other hand, has a whole world of changes for him!  Last year he was invited to join the SAGE program (Which stands for Saskatoon Public Schools Academically Gifted Education) and we are so so proud of him!! We told him the choice was his, and he decided to accept - which means that he's now going to a different school than his brother!  It's nice for him to have a place to flourish and shine and not be in the shadow of his medically intricate brother.  

But this means a new school - new people, a new type of learning, and getting up early and taking a school bus to school instead of walking the block and a half to the neighbourhood school.  There were a lot of nerves the first few days - but i think he's starting to settle in more, as he told me on friday that school was really boring.  lol.

seems like just yesterday they were little babies
 On their first day back to school B-rad and i happened to be celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary!  We had a pretty chill day - and we took the boys out to lunch to celebrate their first days of school.
married for 14 years, together for 20!
along with all the back to school excitement - comes all the back to school germs, and you guessed it - Artoo is sick.  It hit him hard Saturday night.  He went to bed with no symptoms and by midnight he was having trouble breathing.

nothing a little saline nebulizer and weird al music videos can't fix?
So Sunday he was feeling really crummy (and had to miss his first day back in the bowling league) and i could tell he really wasn't feeling good because he wanted to sit and cuddle with me while we watched TV, and he keeps coming by for hugs.  

We're watching and doing all the things we need to do - but it's gonna be a long couple of days. 

Weekly Challenge #367: "Tangle 'NZEPPEL"
So this week's challenge is to spend some time with the tangle 'NZEPPEL and it's cousin CRAZY 'NZEPPEL if you like!  I'm trying to ease my way back into the habit of tangling, and this tangle has always been a pretty soothing one for me, that is - once i saw Rick demonstrate it back when i was certified. 

The key in the tangle, in my opinion, is to trace the shapes as best you can, only rounding out the corners.  Rick says: imagine squishing a water balloon into a triangle

You don't need to make it a monotangle, mine just happened to be one.  If you'd like the step outs you can find them here

I hope you have fun with this one.  I did.

have a great week everyone!
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  1. So glad to see your sons both so proud and ready to go on with there shools! And happy you choose ´NZeppel too, since this is a go-to- tangle for me!

  2. Happy anniversary, and happy back to school! Your first day pictures always make me smile, as I remember those from years past and think about how your boys are changing. Hope Artoo feels better soon. Thanks for a challenge with one of my fav tangles!

  3. Love this challenge!!! Like your tile, it's simplicity is great. Best wishes for Artoo. So you-'re married for 14 years, we had our 12,5 last Thursday!

  4. I'm glad you are back with a lovely challenge after a nice and relaxing break. I wish you and your family the best. The boys have grown a lot, especially for them a happy new schoolyear!

  5. Sorry, accidentally double linked. Thanks so much for all you do. Lovely to be back with the challenges.

  6. Happy anniversary to both of you. Hope Aarto is feeling better soon.

  7. So glad you had a good summer; I'm jealous of your camper. ;)

    Thanks for the challenge. I really like 'Nzeppel.

    Have a great week!

  8. Good to see you back and to see your lovely family too. How your boys are growing up. I like these basic challenges, they remind me of the simple pleasure of just drawing for relaxations.

  9. Thanks for this Challenge Laura! 'Nzeppel is one of my favorite go-to tangles. So much can be done with it and it's very relaxing to draw. Love it. Looks like you had a wonderful summer and the boys look like they're ready for school now..........well, for the most part anyway! LOL

  10. Hello :) Happy anniversary and I hope your son is feeling better soon. :)


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