Monday, September 17, 2018

Weekly Challenge #368

Hello everyone! Top of the morning to you - or whatever time it is when you find yourself here!  

The first full week of school is behind us, and by behind us - i mean Artoo missed the whole week because he was sick.  Back to School Blues, i tells ya.  It was a rough one, too.  worse than he's had in a while.  School pictures were on Thursday, so I brought him in to school so he could be in the class photo and then brought him back home. 

snazzy mister
Chewie is settling in to his new school - and even thought he says that school is 'SOO BORRRRING' i can tell that he's enjoying it.  He and i have been doing some running with the dog, and it's actually pretty fun.  I always enjoy running with a partner, i just never thought my partner would talk so much about Pokemon and Minecraft. lol
we killed 3.5 km this night
Since Artoo was sick all week, i really didn't do much except watch him all day, and help monitor his breathing.... i didn't get out much at all - but i did get out on Saturday with B-rad (and the boys) to give blood!  **This is not a PSA, but seriously, if you are physically able to do it, you totally should**

Artoo is so excited to be feeling better - not only did he miss his first week of school, he also missed his first karate lesson, and his first piano lesson of the year... he's looking forward to karate so much, it's so cute.

Okay, on to the challenge

Weekly Challenge #368: "Straight Lines"
This week i wanted to do something with straight lines.  little straight lines are my go to when i'm feeling stressed out or anxious... and it was a pretty harrowing week.  So i thought for this week's challenge we could do a Straight Line Only challenge!! these can be quite fun, and there's different ways to interpret the challenge!

My first idea was to find a zendala tile in my studio - and use a round tile to juxtapose against my straight lines, or to do lots of curvy shaped tangles, but with straight lines and angles instead of curves.... and then in my stash i found this tile that i started in 2015 and then didn't do anything with.

i used the leftover cardboard pieces from a board game that the pieces had been popped out of as a stencil,
courtesy of Margaret Bremner, who brought her stash of board game "Stencils" with her to
WeLove2Tangle in Calgary, AB in 2015
I always loved the overlapping patterns on this tile, but i never knew what to do with it....  until now!

Straight lines only!!
I really love how i was able to achieve this look using only straight lines and some shading!  What will you do with your lines??

have a great week everyone!
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  1. I'm glad you and Artoo are feeling better and I hope you both continue to improve. It looks as though Chewie is doing well and that makes me happy too. As for this week's Challenge, it really worked for me in terms of getting back into the Zen of it. I may not like my finished tile but i enjoyed doing each part of it.

  2. OMG! Thank you! I was just telling my Zen-friend that I needed some nice straight lines this week. We are on the tail end--finally!!!--of Hurricane Florence. Every day, I've watched my tangles gain more and more spin as they mirror what's happening in the weather. Looking forward to a nice grid with some relaxing straight lines. Hoping that Artoo's got this out of his system and will have a healthy year! Way to go running with Chewie! I used to give blood, but now, because I lived in France, they won't take my blood. (Fear that I have Creutzfeldt-Jakob, mad cow disease!)

  3. Your tile is just gorgeous. Thank you for the straight line encouragement. I have a curved line in mine, which I'll post later. Is this challenge #367 or 368 though? At the top you've used 368, but in the hashtag instructions it says 367. I am very confused! Thanks and I'm glad your little guy is better.

  4. I have a feeling we're going to see a lot of Paradox this week.

  5. Oooh! Love that tile! And welcome back by the way..... (I’m just a little slow to realize it..)

  6. Wow! I love your tile soooo much that I had a hard time moving my thoughts away from it to create something different. ;)

    I'm glad Artoo is feeling better and hope he enjoys all those wonderful extra curricular activities that he missed last week.

    Thanks the challenge again this week. :)

  7. I like the straightlines-challenge a lot and will use it several times I think! Thank´s! Glad Artoo and you are feeling better!

  8. Your tile is very beautiful and the challenge was very nice :)


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