Monday, November 19, 2018

Weekly Challenge #377

Good Morning everybody!

First i wanted to thank everyone who weighed in last week on the format of the challenge and this blog.  i really appreciate your input and i think what i've taken away from it is that I have placed entirely TOO MANY rules upon myself and this blog.  Going forward i think my plan is to update you on my life if there's something cool to share, rather than stress about a weekly recap every week.  (honestly a lot of weeks are really boring)

and on the times when everything is crazy i will allow myself to just post a challenge, or not - or take a week off if i need it, and i guess i will just play it by ear, week to week.

All of these "THINGS" that i had to do with my blog were all self imposed and there's no reason for this blog to be a source of stress in my life, it should be fun.  right?


To that end, this week's post is short and sweet! It's sunday night, 8pm - and I have been up since 3am (I am doing a bit of donut bakery moonlighting to help out a friend and make a bit of Christmas cash) and i am beat.

So here's your challenge for this week!

Weekly Challenge: #377: Duotangle - Fengle vs Poke Root
So it's pretty sweet, if you're new here you  might not know this, but the term Duotangle originated here on my blog in my early challenges back in 2009.  And now it's part of the zentangle lexicon!  If you don't know what a duotangle is, it's a tile done using ONLY TWO tangles and their tangleations.

In this challenge, specifically, it's to use the tangles Fengle and Poke Root (links will take you to step outs)

Honestly i don't think that i have used Fengle much since it was released back in 2012 - it never made it into my 'rotation' so it's nice to have a reason to bust it out...

and poke root and i go way back to my certification days (2010 czt#3, baby) - i had a love hate relationship similar to the way i feel about Mooka... I loved the look of it when other people drew it but hated the way i did it.   Until a few years ago at CanTangle in Regina, and i hung out with Molly and she said that poke root was one of her least favourites too - and then she just decided to draw it over and over again until she began to love it.  So i started too... and now i can't get enough.  I think my problem was i was making my little berries so small, but when they're nice and plump i can't seem to get enough.


This is my tile

AND because i love you all, and because i had a little bit of juice in the tank this afternoon - i even made a process video.

hope you enjoy.

have a great week everyone!
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  1. SO GLAD you decided to relieve yourself of some of your self-imposed rules! We all need to do a little more of that, so you're being a great role model.

    I'm with you on both Fengle and Pokeroot. Love when others do them, but me--well, not so much. Yours look great, so I will try plump little berries.

  2. Hi Laura! Sounds like you found a good way to deal with your blog! Hope, it turns out right for you.
    Thanks for the challenge, I'm on it. There's only one tile of mine with fengle yet, so we'll see, what it's gonna be like.

  3. Hi Laura! I think that most of us put too much on ourselves! Glad to hear you are going to just go with the flow. I know everyone loves your weekly challenge, but it should not be a chore for you! Thank you for your great posts!

  4. A wise decision you made!!!! And as Karen Lynn said, a great rolemodel. I'm also not a real fan of Fengle, but I love Pokeroot. Thanks for another challenge.

  5. Yay Laura. Break all the rules. Go girl!

  6. Yay for you Laura. I felt that stress lately too. I actually completed this tile on Tuesday and finally got it up today (Friday). Now that our Thanksgiving is over I can relax a bit (ha!) and start getting ready for Christmas. I love Fengle but I've had a bit of a struggle with it. But this time it just flowed out of my pen and I really love it now. I hope you follow your "no rules" rule. :-) Take it easy and just have fun.

  7. I'm glad you've removed the stress of blogging and the challenge. I agree that you should just blog as you desire. I appreciate the weekly challenges. :) Thank you.

    Your tile this week has such depth. The black background looks like velvet with the pokeroot hovering a bit above and the fengle hovering even higher. Very nice!


tangle me some zen, baby!!