Monday, December 10, 2018

Weekly Challenge #379

Happy Monday!!

This will be the last challenge of 2018 because i'm taking the rest of the month off with the craziness of the December.  As is tradition.

Don't worry, i'll be back in January!! 

Weekly Challenge #379: "HOLIDAZE" 
This week's challenge is to be inspired by the Holidays!  In whatever that means to you!  In our house we are having so much fun with our Elf on the Shelf, and on the weekend the boys and i sang Christmas carols at the piano...

The boys wanted to make some latkes, so we got a recipe from our friend Elisa and made them together...
The most delicious latkes
The Verdict? We all loved them and the boys want me to make them every day.... lol 

I made Santa's favourite cookies, - they're Ricotta cookies, in case you were wondering. 

Rainbow Sprinkles are a must
 This week Artoo had three school choir performances!  They are such a cute little group - from grades 3-8.  It's pretty impressive how they have so many pieces memorized, and i was a little weepy by the end.

A performance at a care home last week - my little dude is in the front on the far left... red scarf
Artoo has been working on a little cold, but he really really wanted to perform in his choir, so on Friday morning i took him home after his performance, and we watched The Greatest Showman (again)

So this week create a Holiday tile! I made mine on a renaissance zendala - and the picture really doesn't do it justice, but it's soooo sparkly - from the the sakura stardust glitter pen. 

so sparkly
So that's it for this year everyone! Have a very merry and festive holiday season, and i'll catch y'all on the flip side in 2019!!

have a great week everyone!
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  1. Have a great, merry christmas with tons of fun with your family! Thank you for all the challenges and your time spending on your blog and us.
    Regards from germany!

  2. Merry Christmas Laura and family!

  3. Sooooo grateful for you and your blog! Thanks for taking time in your busy life for our community. May your holidays be sparkly and bright!

  4. Have a wonder filled holiday! See you in the new year and thank you so very much for your challenges. They keep me going! :)

  5. Love your holidaze zendala. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

  6. I wish you all a merry Christmas and a wonderful 2019!!!

  7. So, Sunday afternoon and I finally did the challenge. Liked working on it BTW! Your zendala in more then beautiful, I love it.
    Thanks Laura for alle the work you did for the challenge in 2018. Hope to 'see' you again in 2019. Have a great time with your loved ones.

  8. A wonderful merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your family, dear Laura! Thank you for your versatile creative ideas, the lot of work and the interesting challenges! I enjoyed all of them! Best wishes from Germany, Margarete Gilge

  9. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Laura! Best wishes to you and your family through the season and once again, thanks for a challenging year (even though I didn't get any posted this year - it's been kind of a pain for my hands this year). Hoping for a bright outlook for everyone and a happy and healthy year for all. Happy Holidays to the community as well. Leslie Burge

  10. Best wishes for peace, health and growth in the new year!


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