Monday, February 25, 2019

Weekly Challenge #386

Good Morning, friends!

I hope you all had a great week or two, sorry i decided to take a week off last week because it was february break from school, and Artoo was sick on top of that.  I kept thinking i would post the challenge late, but i just never ended up having time to sit down and do it.   Thanks for understanding.

But Artoo is feeling better now, and hopefully everything will be back to normal this week.


This week's challenge is:

Weekly Challenge #386 - "Pick up where you left off"

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This week as i was preparing to create my tile, i was thinking about abandoned art.  There are quite a few unfinished paintings in my studio.  Thankfully this past week i set aside some time to pick up a paint brush and work on a few.  I added a few more details, or in some cases changed the backgrounds and i found it really invigorating to breathe a bit more life into those canvases.  And i was thinking about the great Da Vinci quote above, and how so many artists struggle to find that moment of being 'done'.

It's tricky because we are often our own worst critic, and we always see a flaw that could be fixed, or a line that doesn't do exactly what we imagine  it should...

but then i was thinking "What about pieces that i have abandoned because i don't like them?" - could a little big of time and loving care breathe new life into those?

so i rummaged through a few shelves and drawers and came up with a few tiles that i had started, or tiles that i have used to demonstrate a particular tangle to a friend - tiles that served their initial purpose and then got 'put away' - and i thought what if i actually sit down and complete a tile?

So i found this incomplete and abandoned tile that i had used when i was learning how to draw that tangle Drawings - i had used a fountain pen, so after a few test runs, i found the matching ink and filled up a pen so i could complete this tile.  (for the record it was Noodlers Black Swan in Australian Roses)

Once i had the right ink, i sat down and started to tangle Dewd.  It wasn't my intention to create a duo-tangle, but sometimes you just get in the zone, and today was one of those times.

I'm quite happy with the result, if i do say so myself.  I'm glad that i gave this tile another chance and kept at it.  

This week you have two options for a challenge.  

Challenge A) - to find an abandoned tile, one you gave up on, and breathe new life into it
Challenge B) - if you don't have an abandoned tile feel free to create your own duotangle using Drawings and Dewd, the links to the step outs are provided above.

That's it!!
have a great week everyone

OH HEY - if you're on instagram, i've been having fun the last couple of weeks posting people's challenge tiles in my stories, so be sure to use the hashtag below if you want me to post yours too!
have a great week everyone!
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  1. I was concerned that I didn't have any that weren't a complete mess but it turned out that I did. :) Thanks for the challenge. :)

  2. Laura, you are responsible for me trying out lots of new-to-me patterns. Thanks for the challenge.

  3. I don't have a "tile graveyard", but there was this one piece of recycled cracker box with some blue orbs.... This week's challenge inspired me to think about finding the gift inside things we might otherwise overlook. Thank you, as always, for your wonderful challenges.


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